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What are original prints ?

... and what are you selling exactly ?

The pictures that are sold here are picture that I took myself, and which will exist in a maximum of only 8 copies in total, all sizes and finishes included. I if decide to make a cropped version of a picture, then it will count on the same "8" total copies. 

For example, if 2 people buy a small B&W print, 2 other a big B&W print, another 3 buy a color print and finally 1 buys a cropped version of the same photo, there it is ! It will never be possible to acquire another copy of that picture from me. 

I do not make any "author's print" or whatever so you can be assured to be one of the only 8 who has a copy of that picture. A hand-signed certificate will come along with your print, with a unique number - I indicate the current number of the print in the description of each photo. If it comes to 7 or 8... it's time to hurry ;)

I do not use pictures that are sold here for books or calendar - unless specified in description.