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Super Special Gallery


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The prints in this gallery are very exclusive, limited editions from 5 to only 3 copies (depending on the picture) and are available to preview and buy only to previous customers. You will automatically get access to the gallery after your first purchase of any other product on that page (as well as the access to the private Instagram profile).

Currently, 10 different pictures are available, with the most beautiful models in their best poses.

They are printed on the finest papers, with the highest standards of quality (just like all my prints) : Colour and Black and White prints will be edited on multi-award winning Infinity Baryta Prestige (340g) photo paper.
For Black and White, you will have the additional possibility to choose Canson Fine Art Etching Rag (310g) : it is super smooth, has a stunning soft texture, but it is fragile ! To be handled with a lot of care^^

Due to the high level of print quality, the making of the picture can take up to 10 days

PLEASE SPECIFY which print you want, and if you want it in a color or B&W version :)
SIZE : if you want a 40x60cm, please add both the picture and the option to your cart
PAPER : for B&W only, if you want to try Etching Rag paper, please specify
SHIPPING FEES : for all countries within Schengen area, chose "Germany"
(but you know that already) ;)